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Who are we?

Welcome to Fiji Forex Signals Service

Our Forex Signal Service aims to help you make money every month from the forex signals that we send you.

To learn more about us please click here.

Every time a trade is completed , we update our Trade Journal , which is made available to all our visitors. You can view it here.

Forex charts are analyzed daily . When a profitable entry point is identified, the signal is sent to our subscribers so they can make money. The Candlestick Pattern Recognition Strategy is used to help us pinpoint these profitable entry points. You may learn more about it here.

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Who do we serve?

Are you looking for a second income?

I know that a lot of people out there are doing 2 jobs to make ends meet.

Usually, the second job robs them of their family time and even their sleep time.

Taking a second job can ruin your health and is a very tiring thing to do.

What you need is a second income with a job that you can do without it robbing you of all the things you deserve, like:

1)spending time with your family,

2)a night at the bar with your mates

3)coffee with the girls

4)watch your favourite game with your friends

5)or even poker night.

You will be amazed at how little you are going to do to earn your second income with my forex signals.

You don’t even need to know how to trade forex in order for you to earn your money – I do 99% of the job and you only need to do the 1%.

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Forex Traders Everywhere

Forex Trading is not for the faint-hearted.

If you have been trading for years, you will know exactly what i am talking about.

There are many Forex Traders out there that are struggling to make money from Forex Trading and are looking for a break that will turn their life around.

Our service is made just for you and you will benefit greatly from it.


I will show you how you can invest your money and manage it yourself.

No need to hire someone else to look after your investment for you and you don’t even need to know how to trade forex to benefit from my services.

Everything you need to get started is made available to you here.

Work At Home Enthusiasts

Work At Home has become popular as the internet becomes available to more and more homes around the world.

Stay at home Mums and Dads

Stay at home mum and dad can now earn money from home on their computers.

There are a lot of Work from home jobs out there that anyone with an internet access can do, no matter what part of the world you may be.

Recently lost your job?

Work At Home is for anyone that wants to earn a living by doing jobs that can be done at home.

Let me show you an easy to do job that will earn you good money – and you don’t even have to sell anything or do any heavy lifting.


Work At Home jobs has also allowed people who have retired to find another way to earn money.

The Disabled

This also applies to people who may be disabled in one way or another.

You can now earn a living right from your wheel chair and without having to leave your homes.

Fiji Forex Signals is simply Forex from Unique Angle

What we are not

No. My trading method is totally different from what is taught on any forex course.

I have been asked about the method i am using that has allowed me to identify these profitable Entry and Exit points.

The answer is pretty simple:

You need to look at the market from a different perspective.

Get out of the norm and think outside the box.


My trading method may surprise you and it may be something that you are not used to.

It is totally different from what you may normally see and that is the main reason it works and works very well.

No. I am not teaching my strategy.

If you are here looking for someone to teach you how to trade forex, then you need to be somewhere else.

There are many forex courses out there that you can do.


If you are here looking for a way to make money, then you are definitely in the right place.

You can use my BUY and SELL signals to do just that.

It is very easy once you know what is involved and it is not much.

No. We are not an investment company.

1) You don’t have to send me your hard earned money.

2) You are going to use your money to open your trading account.

3) We don’t have any control over your trading account , nor do we have access to it in any way.

4) Everything about your trading account is controlled only by you.

5) You are responsible for funding it and withdrawing money from it.

6) Our job only involves sending our subscribers the profitable BUY and SELL signals so they can make money from it.

No. You don’t need special requirements to earn money from my system.

1) You don’t need to know how to trade forex in order for you to make money from my system.

2) You don’t have to do any kind of marketing or selling at all.

3) There is no heavy lifting

4) You don’t have to spend 8 hrs a day on your PC to make money.

5) You don’t need to be at a special place or commute anywhere.

6) You don’t have to wait for years to see your investment grow.

What we do for you

1 Choose the best forex pair

yen drowning

We use the only the best –  GBP/JPY

GBP/JPY has a daily range of 100 to 400

Learn more

2. Analyze the forex chart


Candlestick Pattern Recognition Strategy is used to analyze the GBP/JPY  chart and the most profitable entry point is identified and sent to subscribers.

Accurate and profitable entry points are not easy to find.

Learn more….

3. Send Forex Signals


Signals are sent to our Subscribers through these methods:

1) Skype

2) Members Area on this Website

3) Txt to their mobile phones

4) Email

Subscribers must tell us their prefered methods.

4. You  make Money


2000 plus pips per month!

A maximum of  9 to 15 signals is sent per month.

Expect to make 100 plus pips per signal.

Last month (July 2016) made a total of 3593.5 pips

Learn more…..

What you need to do

Open your trading account

Subscribe to my forex signals

What to do with the signals.

Closing your open position



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If you haven’t opened your trading account – you need to open one.

We recommend the following broker:

And for the following reasons:

1)  True ECN Broker ( you win , they win)

2) Max Leverage 1:500 ( means you can stretch your dollar)

3)  Spread from 0 pips ( less fees more profit)

4) Min Deposit $200

5) No Dealing Desk

6) Super Fast execution

Subscribe now

    • 30 - Day Trial
    • $29.99 usd
    • Full Signal Service
    • 1800 ++ pips
    • 9 to 13 profitable signals per month
    • After the 30 Day Trial - Monthly subscription is required to continue
    • Monthly Subscription
    • $199.99 usd

When you receive the signal:

1) Login to your trading account

2) If I send you a signal in this form:


TIME: 21:00 (US/CAN ET)

SELL : 135.10

you will then:

1) locate the GBP/JPY quote panel

2) Press SELL

3) Determine the appropriate lot size

4) Press OK.

And you are done. Wait for my next signal where I will advice you to close that position.

Closing the open position is easy.

1) Login to your trading account.

2) You can right click the open position from the chart and choose : close all positions”.

3) click OK

You are done and you should be able to see your profit on your trading platform. Enjoy the moment.

Important information:

An ideal account size of $2000  usd is recommended in order for you to make the profit you need.

2000 pips plus per month is what we aim to give our subscribers per month.


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