Online Forex Currency Trading – GBP/JPY 11 October to 19 October 2016


Trade 1 : 270.1 pips

Trade 2: 246.7  pips

Trade  3:  246.7  pips

Trade 4:  246.5 pips

Trade 5:  147.7 pips

Trade 6:  123.6 pips

TIME FRAME USED: 30 minute

DATE : 11 October to 19 October 2016


HIGH OF THE DAY (19 October ):128.18

LOW OF THE DAY(11 October) :  124.84

RANGE OF THE DAY: 334  pips

October seems to be my lucky month. After riding the down trend post 600 pips fall, I caught the wave up at 124.98 which was just 14 pips above the low. The ride up was bumpy and long and it lasted about 9 days in total. I was glad that I held on to my position until the end.

This is how it all started

gbpjpy-m30-10-12-2016-1039 After a few calculations and speculation, I knew where the bottom would be so I prepared myself . I closed my down trend and placed a BUY at 124.98 as shown above. It immediately shot up the next trading day as shown below;

gbpjpy-m30-10-12-2016-1624 By the 13th of October, I was at a safe level. I did another calculation to determine where this would reverse and I came up with 128.14 to 128.23.  Just after I did my calculation, another Basic Member contacted me, so I offered to give him a signal. I told him that I am on an up trend and that I expected  the up trend to reverse some where along the 128.14 /128.23 area.

gbpjpy-m30-10-13-2016-1943 When the price reached the level shown on the chart above, I was contacted again by the same member as he was worried that we could be on a down trend already. I assured him that we are still waiting for the price to reach 128.14/128.23. The next morning, he sent me a message via skype to let me know that he placed a BUY after I reassured him that we are still on track and he made 100 pips. I was so happy for him. Below is how 13 October ended.

gbpjpy-m30-10-14-2016-1344 Then another member contacted me asking if I could give him a signal – so I relayed the same message that I told the other member – which is to SELL at 128.14/128.23.

It was a long wait as the price fluctuated on the next  several days. The two members were getting tired of waiting for the day to SELL and when the price reached 126.51 as shown in the chart below, the second member contacted me and said that the price may never reached the 128.14/128.23 mark .  I assured him that I was still Long on my positions and he could made at least 100 pips if he place a BUY order. He said OK – but i am not really sure if he did so.

gbpjpy-m30-10-18-2016-1042 But if he had done so when I told him he would have made 100 pips as the chart below would have proved.

gbpjpy-m30-10-19-2016-0132 As you can see on the chart above, that the price finally reached it’s destination at 128.18. One of the members assured me that he placed his SELL at 128.13 and at the moment he is just going to enjoy the ride down until I tell him to close his position.

As for the other member, I am still waiting for his update and I hope he captured the ride down.

Update on my other Basic Member:

He sent me a note and said he made 103 pips to the top and his Sell Limit order was triggered at 128.14 and that makes me very happy.

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